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FÜkken Wax - Edward Coy

FÜkken Wax

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This is the easiest wash-n-wax you will find out there. The wax that will leave a long-lasting showroom shine on your vehicle, and much more. This high-quality carnauba wax will make for a brighter and longer lasting shine on any surface Fukken wax is applied to. Then by cold compressing and liquefying the carnauba wax into an aerosol can it makes Fukken Wax the easiest wax to apply. Then by adding cleaning solvents to Fukken wax you then cut out the messy and costly steps of washing your vehicle. Fukken Wax is a wash-n-wax all in one. When you mix the best shine with the easiest application, not to mention the large 17.5oz aerosol can, you have the best auto wax on the market - FUKKEN WAX. 1 Can will wax approximately 4 average size vehicles. Fukken Wax has multiple uses from paint, fiberglass, chrome, glass and just about any surface.  On motorcycles, its best to spray on a microfiber cloth first.

  • Lasts 8 weeks to 10 weeks